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2018-04-12, 19:00

Originally Posted by Brad View Post
On the subject of changing biomes, since the water and grass color are tied to the biomes, if 709 has any interest in brightening the dark "swamp" splotches around the museum, I could help out with that too.

Or not? Totally up to you man.
Originally Posted by 709 View Post
Funnily enough, I did wander around the grounds there yesterday thinking about that very thing.

I'm going to leave it though. It's just irritating and weird enough for me to like it.

I was checking out the latest snapshot of 1.13 and the changes to water colors are pretty significant – most noticeable in the now yellowish-cast Swampland biome. So, unless I want my Museum aquariums and fountains to look like they're piped in from the urinals, I think I'm going to take you up on that.

So I can get a handle on area: is your code based on changing the 16x16 chunks or can it go along any X/Z coord?

So it goes.