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Mr. Farmiga
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2022-05-18, 08:49

...but I just got finished painting 1,700+ sq ft of fencing, decking, porch, railing, ramps, stairs at my Mom's.

Holy smokes, I thought it would never end. Been a three week thing, 2-3 hours in the evenings (or early mornings on Saturday). And because of unevenness/cupping in the boards, rolling was out (I would've wasted a ton of paint, and had to hit it from six different directions. Screw that.

On day one, several hours in, I made the decision to do it all via hand, with a 4" brush (which perfectly spread out to match the 5.5" wide 2x6 or 5/4 decking boards and 4x4 (3.5") posts/framing. It just took a million years, that's all. But I painted that last sonofabitch board yesterday and I couldn't be happier.

Weather (mostly) cooperated.

Funniest part? Went through two five-gallon the second one, finishing yesterday, there is about 1" of paint remaining. Couldn't have timed/planned it better. Whatever that space/painting surface is, two five-gallon buckets is exactly what it took! Behr Deck Plus tinted to a medium grey. We've been putting it off for a couple of years but I told her toward the end of April this needs to be the year, AND I certainly would love to get going on it and be done before the head and humidity June/July/August arrives. I promised a completion date of May 31, and I was able to get it done by May 17, a full two weeks ahead of my goal/promise.

I'm thrilled. I was going to allow myself to finish up by this Thursday, but I just hunkered down and stuck around a few more hours yesterday, into the evening, so I can call it DONE.

Nothing creative whatsoever, but it was a major, long-time coming project and I nailed it. My back and legs aren't happy this morning, but they'll get over it. But I'm kinda walking like an old man today (think Tim Conway in that white wig on the Carol Burnett show).

Sorry, no pics...just imagine some old faded, splotchy brownish wood fencing, porch, decking, rails, etc. now all being a nice, even and smooth medium-grey (and protected from further rain, sun, etc. damage/exposure). And ol' Paulie has a bit of a pre-summer tan (as much as someone like me - fair-skinned with Scottish roots - can tan). Usually I don't look this way until August, after months of mowing and outdoor work. I got an early start this year.

PS - I slept like a rock last night...I was out within about four minutes of my head hitting the pillow. Just enough to check the weather, send a text and download a podcast (which I never heard beyond the introduction/ad read).