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2006-11-02, 00:39

Originally Posted by Windswept View Post
Oh, GSpotter, the baboon is amazing and l love your dog. But *this* shot is just magnificent. How lucky you are to live near such dreamlike scenery.
You weren't there when I shot this picture: It was snowing like crazy and nobody went outside if he hadn't to. I took an umbrella, my photobag and my tripod and headed for the nearby woods. Even though it was cold, after finishing the session, I was sweating (carrying several kilograms of photographic equipment and crouching next to a tripod while holding an umbrella to protect the camera takes its toll - talk about dedication )

As a bonus, here are two more pictures from that session:

Basically from the same spot than the first picture, only this time I used my super wide angle.

I few hundred meters further down the road (in the opposite direction than the above picture)

My photos @ flickr
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