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2020-09-11, 11:50

Originally Posted by turtle View Post
Brad, the texture/resource pack is the same one you've had. I had to update the hash in the config which wasn't a problem, just had to figure out that it was even needed now.

If we want to make it publicly available we can do that through the MC server itself though I do not have port 80 going to it. Currently it is hosted on this forum server. I can make a link to it via my reverse proxy though. As of now, the naming is specific to the template name/version number. It is possible to have it symlinked through a generic filename though. That is really in Brad's hands though.
Thanks for taking care of that, T! Yeah, Minecraft server configs added the MD5 checksum hash for the packs several versions ago. It seems like overkill and I wish it was optional, but I can understand wanting to make sure changes don't sneak in if some server admin is just hot-linking to someone else's hosted pack and that other someone makes a potentially unfriendly change to it.

I spent some time the last couple of evenings updating my pack (locally) for 1.16 changes and additions plus a couple things I missed from 1.15 and even 1.14. I'm hoping tonight (or more likely tomorrow) I'll be done and will upload and update the server with a fresh URL and hash. I'll probably just toss the file up here on again for now (which is what I've done in the past).

I just ssh'd over to your server to make sure my key still works…
Last login: Tue Dec 24 02:07:35 2019
Yipes! Well, at least I confirmed my key is still good!

In other news, I was reading about 1.16 data pack changes, and there's a new ability to define extra dimensions beyond the standard "nether" and "end" ones. This has my spider senses tingling at the idea that this could lead to something like what we had long ago with the modded server when we could interact with our old worlds and even create new temporary ones for exploring and adventures. I haven't actually tried anything with this feature yet, nor have I dug around to see if others have abused it this way, but it's on my list of things to investigate soonish.

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