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2020-09-15, 12:38

Originally Posted by kscherer View Post

Thank you many millions upon millions for that!
It you're using them offline, note that I have edited in a couple changes. It's up to "1.16c" now. I suppose I should dig up and bump the old thread I once had just for my resource pack...

Originally Posted by 709 View Post
Beacons are sexy again! Also the chests look really nice - kinda nostalgic while not out of place with the other textures.
I was wondering how soon someone might notice both of those! I snuck in the new chests last night. That's something I've been toying with in a PSD for what feels like ages, probably around the time 1.14 released with its improved default textures. I'm still not a fan of the bright school bus colored default chests, but I do like the idea of being closer to the spirit of the defaults.

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