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2014-02-18, 16:54

Originally Posted by 709 View Post
Posthole pics or GTFO.

Seriously though, postholes are a bitch. Getting all four posts straight while tacking and re-tacking support framing is rage-inducing.

Looks nice though! Next project is a stone walkway from your house to there?

Good idea for a thread. I need to replace some steps to the deck this spring, and possibly put in a new privacy fence (postholes! ) I'm sure many of us manly-men have projects we'd like to share. Drew may even carve a pipe!
There's already a stone path that I built a couple of years ago.

The postholes... Man, they sucked. Something like 16 bags of concrete (4 per hole). But the hardest part was leveling the tops of the posts. Because the ground isn't level up there, there was no easy way for me to get the bottoms right so I had to take a reciprocating saw to the tops after running a plumb line across all 4 posts. It was quite precarious up there.

That said, I LOVED building it. I ended up getting a nice compound miter saw out of the process.

My current project is to build a folding workbench for my garage so we can keep using it as a 2 car garage when I'm not using the bench. So far, I've gotten a table saw, planer and jointer out of the deal.

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