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2016-05-07, 11:28

Originally Posted by Yontsey View Post
Update on the Coolest Cooler. Essentially they ran out of money for production so they had a second "Kickstarter" of sorts. $97.00 got you guaranteed to have it by like June 28th or somewhere near there. At this point, I opted in because it's been almost two years.
I was wondering if you were going to do that. I guess at this point I'd probably throw up the additional money as well. The original outlay seems like a sunk cost, so I'd figure that as lost money, so it seems like the $97 for a cooler woundn't be too bad.

I'm still waiting on an update on the water bottles I funded back in July. They sent an update at the end of March saying shipping would be completed in April, but haven't shipped all of the inventory as of yet. They don't respond to emails and their previously very active Instagram account hasn't posted anything since they said they were starting to ship.