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2019-02-25, 17:28

And remember that the spawn platforms are what need to be 1 block below "sea level". The remainder of the trap must then be lower than that. Thus, overall height will be an issue. The XP trap in the End already descends well below "sea level" and there may not be enough height (or depth) available. Same goes for the Mob Trap.

I ain't moving the thing. If it stops working, then it stops working. I'll get over to the mob trap and clean that sucker out, and load up on enchanted things before the XP trap ceases to function. However, if they do stop working, I highly recommend leaving them be until we know for sure if this is a bug or The FutureĀ®. If it's The FutureĀ®, then I say we take them down and pool all the resources in the ComEx.

Bruce did great work on those things, but if they stop working then they are just eyesores.

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