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2008-01-13, 06:18

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Now, it would be nice if I got this to work on Leopard, but not prudent. It does work in Windows. But! Windows's VPN client doesn't appear to have an on-demand feature. I don't mind connecting to the VPN once a day, but I do mind having to reconnect every now and then because it lost its connection, and I certainly get aggravated when Outlook and Visual SourceSafe and IDontCareWhatElse tell me they can't connect. As I understand it, OS X's VPN client has an on-demand feature where you define a domain (say, and then whenever a connection attempt is made by any app to, the VPN connection gets opened automatically.

So, does anyone know a third-party app that accomplishes just that in Windows, so I can have some peace & quiet?
Assuming you mean Windows XP, the best (although far from perfect) way of keeping a persistent VPN connection (not on-demand) that I've seen is documented here. I've done that in the distant past, checking the VPN connection every minute rather than the 6 minutes they are using in the example.

If you have access to a Windows Server version on the remote side of the VPN, then just install RRAS and setup a static route to the IP range you need.

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