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Mr. Farmiga
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2021-12-22, 10:10

Those spending $1,000+ every year for a new phone are a) nuts and b) doing it wrong.

Eh, it’s their money, I don’t care. But what a tail-chasing waste all around. There ain’t that much difference year-to-year.

Three years is always my target (I shot past that a bit this go-around ), but three years is nice because you can get the typical full two years of good battery life, then, at the start of year three you pay for a replacement. And when you go to sell it a year later, you can use that new battery as a selling point…”only one year old”. I’ve done this and people seem to appreciate it, and feel a bit better about buying a three-year-old phone (mind you, I’m not looking to churn or get full price back; that ship has sailed…but I’m happy to sell my iPhone to someone who may not have $399 - let alone $699+ - to drop on a phone). I’m happy to help someone get a well-taken-care-of iPhone with all the original packaging/accessories (and a fairly new battery) for under $200.

That’s the world/circles I live in.

And then when you go to get your new phone, after three years you’ll actually notice a real difference/improvement…processor, display, camera, storage, possible new design, battery life, faster cellular/WiFi, etc. things that truly improve or step up over the course of 2-3 years. Just feels like a bigger impact/bang-for-one’s-phone-buying-dollar.

None of that shit is noticeable, year to year and it just seems like you’re flinging $1,000 out the window just to own “the latest”.

And that’s fine…but it isn’t normal or sane.

But as long as you’re not using my money, do what makes you happy.