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2021-12-22, 10:33

Originally Posted by psmith2.0 View Post
Those spending $1,000+ every year for a new phone are a) nuts and b) doing it wrong.

Eh, it’s their money, I don’t care. But what a tail-chasing waste all around. There ain’t that much difference year-to-year.
I mostly agree. I get a new one every two years. The jump from 3G to 4S was massive, but the jumps from 8 to 11 and 11 to 13 mostly weren't that impressive, especially since you do get free software upgrades anyway.

One thing the 11 did change dramatically compared to the 8 was low-light photography. The 13 Pro adds macro, and I'm hoping my next one — the 15, I suppose — will have that in the non-Pro as well. Maybe even telephoto, if I'm lucky.

But if you're a hardcore high-end photographer, then it might be valid to use the Pro, and to upgrade that each year. I wouldn't recommend it for most people, though. Two, three, or even four years is perfectly fine.