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2021-12-22, 11:10

Originally Posted by psmith2.0 View Post
Yeah, there may be specific scenarios out there. I’m just talkin go about normal, regular folks constantly swapping their phones out every time Tim Cook farts. They barely have it long enough, one year, to truly appreciate it or use it to its full capacity.

I have a cousin, and a couple of friends, who aren’t professional, demanding anytnings, believe me, and yet they get the pricey ones every single year, in some way or another (I probably don’t wanna know). And, on occasion, they’ll bitch and squawk about the cost or “how it ain’t that much different”, to which I get to reply “well no shit…ya think? I believe I’ve only been saying this forever. Why don’t you just get one every other year, or even three, and ease up on the throttle a bit?”

The look on their faces is the same as if they’d been shot out of a cannon.

“Well then, eat Ramen for the rest of your life…”.
Yeah. People find creative ways to make poor, entirely unnecessary choices. I don't think Tim Cook even hints at "you must get this new one". Obviously, he'll sell it as great (and I think most iPhone releases have been), and there is the somewhat dubious iPhone Upgrade Program. Like, if your friends want the newest stuff each year, maybe they should just get that. Might be a better overall deal.

(The best deal is to not buy things you don't really need.)