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2005-02-15, 15:22

Originally Posted by dviant
"Resolution independent" is referring to the operating system GUI. In other words you run your 1920x1200 15.4" monitor at it native resolution and adjust the actual interface of the OS to the size of your liking. In that kind of situation having huge pixel density will actually be great.
OK. This I don't get. Say the GUI scales up (and I'm assuming that every app scales accordingly (I know, I know)) to a certain 'usable' resolution on an LCD with a fixed ppi of 100-150. Why? Why not just get a lower res screen where the resolution is comfortable and crisp? It's a nice thought and all, but, to me anyways, reeks of 'look what I can do'...and in a daily use environment isn't very practical at all. Maybe I'm just being dense here.

Originally Posted by dviant
In a cool sci-fi future we eventually get to the point where we have 300ppi monitors, 7 pt types actually IS 7 pts high and can be read as clearly as if it were printed. At this point fabled paperless office comes into it's own. :P
Right. That's what I was implying in my first post about ppi being a non-issue on an uber-res screen. Unfortunately it seems we're quite aways away from that being a possibility anytime soon.

So it goes.