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2014-07-30, 20:40

Aside from my profile picture and the rendering I posted of Brad's MC build, I have also done other art. For those interested, here is my current deviantArt account. I say current, because I spent a lot of time drawing furries in other galleries. But that's for another time

Here are some of the highlights!

Sketch of my first WoW character. A warlock. A terrible choice. She was short lived.

A quick scene I did of my main character, rockin the enhancement shaman in Scarlet Monastery. Good times!

Death from the Neil Gaiman "Sandman" series.

Crayon and construction paper lion. I love those mediums together!!

First of a series. All marker on bristol paper

Second installment of the series. I spilled coffee on the original, so this is the only image I have of it un-ruined

Again, markers on bristol paper. I wanted to play with marker blending here.

Colored pencils on bristol~ I just so happen to love bright colors

Watercolor pens on watercolor paper. I wanted to do giraffe-print, but look it doesn't appear that way at all.

Commission I did in 2012. What fun it was to do a big render, but so much time involved....

Another commission, and I CAN draw men! (though you wouldn't know it to look at my gallery...)

If you want to walk on the dark side of the internet I could be persuaded to post older galleries, but that Pandora's box is hard to shut again... Plus, it cannot be unseen.

Anyway. Thanks for looking! I'm no drewprops, but maybe one day I can grow up to be just like him.

I like to play nicely.