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The Ban Hammer
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2019-08-09, 23:20

Tall Town has a new neighbor. The amazing, brand new, all powerful PyraMaze is ready for your can't-get-enough-of-those-mazes enjoyment.

But, be fore-warned:

The mazes are cruel.
Enter at your own risk!

There is one way in …
And only ONE way out.

If you enter, you shall find yourself amidst the most amazing, the most numbing, the most annoying, the most terrifying, the most I WANT OUT OF HERE place within the boundaries of Cashout Cove.

Orange Crush brings you into the world of the pumpkin lover. All orange, all the time!
Black Mamba is dark and dreary, with plenty of darkness and dreariness to leave you asking, "Which way do I go?"
Blue Lagoon is a terrorist in disguise. Inviting, fulfilling, refreshing. And then she strikes!
Soul Surfer will remind you that, yes, there are sharks in the water!

As you pull the hair from your head in absolute desperation, just remember that you have been warned:

The mazes are cruel.
Enter at your own risk!

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