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2022-03-30, 13:47

Originally Posted by Bryson View Post
Looks great! No grit underneath is trickier than it sounds...
SOOOOOOO HARD!!!! I can't even believe it is without grit. Static is real and everything seems to want to stick no matter how many times we swept and vacuumed. It like putting on a screen protector except it is 10'x20' and in two parts.

How did you do the seam in the end?
For right now nothing is down. Since I had to cut and trim and trim more because my walls aren't actually straight I'm giving it time to "settle". If it doesn't buckle or anything like that I'll plan to tape from under it for now. I just don't like the "look" to the tape on top if I can get away with it. There are only going to the three girls using this floor in reality so it isn't going to have major use. I can't imagine it being a problem so I'm "chancing" it.

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