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Antimatter Man
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2006-02-12, 07:30

Questions it would help to know:

Was it the original OS disk shipped with the iMac G4 (if so... might have been Jaguar, or Panther)?

Which version(s) of the OS ? Did they start from 10.3 and are now 10.2.x? (This might answer the other questions by process of deduction)

Some machines were bought just around intro time, and were installed with the older OS, but came with an 'upgrade' CD/DVD to rev them to the newer OS which was shipping and default installed soon after. These OS upgrade discs usually did not offer all installer options, IIRC. Nothing to be done about it.

If we're talking about the full retail box of Panther/Jaguar/whatever, then those installers are fully functional.

More detail from you usually == more accurate help from the GB.