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2007-01-07, 20:21

Originally Posted by ShadowOfGed View Post
So to make use of the limited testing resources provided, we have to pick and choose our battles---that is, we run the tests deemed most important and most comprehensive.
I fully agree that currently most companies do not allot the budgets needed to really test their products. I also agree that it is impossible to get rid of all bugs before a product gets released.

My point, however, was that a lot of companies these days seem to reduce QA to the point where large and "easy to find" bugs are not found and fixed (or worse, are found and deemed not important enough. hiding at startup comes to mind...).

Another example; the Nokia 5500 Sport with black keyboard has the problem that the rubber used to make the black keyboard changes size when exposed to temperature changes/high temperature. This means that almost every 5500 Sport released until now will have the keyboard come unglued and thus be unuseable. This occurs fairly quickly, 1 week of walking around outside and putting it in and taking it out of your pocket will trigger the problem.

This means that Nokia (once a company like Apple with very high QA standards) didn't even bother to test the model in a normal use / real world situation.