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2007-01-07, 21:29

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That's why truly exhaustive testing is, and always will be, essentially an impossible feat. Part of that's because an exhaustive search of all UI events and timings would be a problem so big in size that no (super)computer in the world could conquer it in reasonable time. So to make use of the limited testing resources provided, we have to pick and choose our battles---that is, we run the tests deemed most important and most comprehensive.
Well, correctness testing is just a special case of termination testing (a bug free path becomes a terminating path). Turing proved over 50 years ago that exhaustively proving a non-trivial program would terminate is impossible. It is a small jump to show that proving any non-trivial program is bug-free is also impossible. So if we have an impossibility against a test that guarantees a bug free program it becomes a game of good enough. IN OS X land, good enough seems to be pretty damn good. In Windows land, good enough is a nightmare.