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2007-06-25, 10:59

I've been looking to buy a scanner for my MBP. I already have a printer connected to my AP Express so I'm not interested in all-in-ones. My thought was to see if I could get something more capable than the typical scanner in an all-in-one unit.

I've been most inclined to go for a HP Scanjet, something in the 3800 to 48x0 range, but It's kinda hard to figure out the differences in their capabilities. And then there's also the Canon Canoscan Lide series, that doesn't require a separate power source, but maybe they aren't much better than the all-in-one machines in terms of image quality. I expect to use it mostly for scanning my own drawings, stuff from books, photos and a little OCR stuff. I don't think I'll ever need a negative adapter, but it wouldn't bug me if it was available.

Another concern is of course good support for OS X, which most models seem to have, but perhaps some of the older models risk having their software support discontinued.

Any suggestions/experiences you guys would like to share?

Thanks in advance.