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2009-09-03, 18:11

Originally Posted by Wyatt View Post
It's a brand new house, but my kitchen isn't nearly that charming.
Charming, that's the word! Charming. Charming in a way that a more modern, stainless-steel kitchen could never be (I adore that look, but I'd never give it to my mother).

It's good that she picked out the colors, Pscates. They're pretty bold, and not for everybody, but I think the space wears them well.

I obviously have no way of knowing if this is true or not in your case, Pscates, but in my experience, finishing projects that were put on hold by the death or departure of a loved one is sometimes instrumental in providing "closure" and helping people move on with their lives. Homes always have a strong emotional element; a room is never just a room. To get all Hallmark on you all, they're where memories happen. Sometimes happy ones, sometimes not, but either way, a memory can never become a memory if it's perpetually in the present, no?

Again, I'm just talking from my experience here - I have no clue about what's true in your case. But you might have done good work in more ways then one.

Plus, you learned skills that you'll have with you for the rest of your life - $500 is a small price to pay for those, even if the room ended up being a disaster (it's not). You could have spent double that on classes and learned half as much.

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