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2010-11-29, 17:23

before class today I considered bringing my DSLR just for the heck of it (the light is pretty good when I get out for the evening) but noooo... i thought I wouldn't need it and would just want to get back home after class to take a nap or something.

I get up on grounds and a great opportunity presented itself. thank goodness there's a thread for iPhone cameras! I always feel kinda awkward taking pictures in public so I hastily composed / snapped a few shots before continuing on my way to class, and this was the best one

before I left for spring break the tree was BEAUTIFUL, but I only saw it at night (no good photos of it I'm afraid). Really tall, and all the leaves on it are bright yellow and it doesn't look like one of them had fallen off yet so it was still very full. one week... they're all on the ground getting cleaned up by the grounds crew.