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Mr. Farmiga
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2010-12-16, 18:14

Originally Posted by Dorian Gray View Post
On the serious topic of making money by blogging, though, has anyone here managed that? Is it strictly fairytale stuff, the exclusive preserve of workaholics, for prodigious hacks only? Or can money be made with skill and three hours a day?

There are a few niche things I know enough about to feel I could impart something useful to the world. But because I have the business smarts of a newt it's never gone beyond a pleasant daydream three times a year.
I guess if you're an exceptional writer and have some sort of voice or a draw that people genuinely respond to, the audience will be there (and therefore the ad interest and money flow). I'm sure there are those who do it, but I'm betting they're few and far between and probably got into it via legit, established patterns and methods (and not singled out randomly, or via unsolicited spam).

If someone was a famous tech pundit or columnist, and decided to ditch their gig and stop working for The Man, but that person had a following, some clout, contacts in the industry, etc. they could probably make a go of things doing that. Probably helps to be single/childless, and not hung up on the finest things in life (because it might not be super-lucrative either).