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2011-04-27, 10:58

I'm personally for sub-skyway rails, but that's just my double-decker preference. I'm not opposed to it being anywhere else around the skyway outside my areas, and beside-skyway would save on lighting.

Though in Bridgeport and the metro area there seem to be a lot of skyway off-ramps; I imagine building beside the skyway in this area would necessitate a lot of going around things.

I think I would appreciate a substation at Flaming Mountain, for heading out west. I was thinking that if you were opposed to a substation and another rail headed SW from BP to the Furronia area, I could just extend that out my way but that would miss the park I have out there. It would take me a while to bother building that track though. Perhaps you'll figure out a modular-sort of design so that you don't have to leave your station wide open until I'll for sure use it.

Maybe we could also set up a rail testing site somewhere, if that makes any sense, to try to get a grasp on this rail business. With the inclusion of power rails in 1.5 did the whole power-cart thing become much more simplified? In 6 months I never figured out how to use Bryson's booster station.