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2011-04-27, 13:15

Before we start steaking out lines and colors, I think we should decide on some main routes with primary colors. If we all just connect lines of our choosing from our compounds to Grand Central in Bridgeport, we're going to end up with something even more discombobulated and inconsistent than our current skyway system.

The way I see it there are three main routes we need. To the east there's the N/S skyway which runs along Old Towne and connects to the Airport, my castle, the Skyscraper, Turtle's compound (both of them), and the Hosket Rink. There's a similar N/S route in the west which goes from the passive trap to the UFO. I think these should be the Blue and Red lines respectively. The route linking them through Bridgeport is possibly the most heavily traveled route on the map, I think we should call this the Purple Line, as it links the Red and the Blue. (Also, Purple is Pretty ) It would be the main line connected to the "hub" in Bridgeport, and there would be shorter express routes which will probably pop up all around that area, given how densely populated it is. (For example, there should be an express line from the hub to the spawn. Not that this is a huge walk but that line should also probably extend to the grinder.)

If think if we put those routes in place, everyone will be relatively close to a main line, and they can connect up their own lines as they see fit. What we don't want is a Skytrain with a central hub in Bridgeport that radiates out willy-nilly, because then you have to go through Bridgeport whenever you want to go anywhere that's on a different line.

Also... I don't think we should use the Spawn as the central hub. Due to beds, I haven't spawned there in weeks. We should use Bridgeport, as I imagine it's the most common spawning location besides our beds in our distant compounds. The spawn is really only the spawn for new players, and they don't need to be hoppin' on the express line to the outer rim right when they show up.

Also, I say we double deck the skyways. I don't want to be staring at rock the whole time I'm riding the train, and if you put it underground you are sure to hit people's mines.

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