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2011-09-08, 14:49

Ugh. Update from Jens' Twitter account:
As it looks now, beta 1.9 will also require new generation

So, I have a proposal for the Overlords:

• Do the meta-chunk deletion* thing and back the file up up in a nice shiny box.
• When 1.8 drops lets live in the current world and use that time between 1.8 and 1.9 to do some exploring and get used to the new features (pre/post-1.8 biome weirdness and all).
• Start a new world when 1.9 drops (hopefully with some sort of overlap between worlds).
• Once we've settled the 1.9 world, pull the plug on the old.
• Provide the pre-1.8 backup as a playground for some of us that'd like to refine and continue on some of the old structures.

Is that reasonable/feasible?


* The "aggressive pruning" thing is hella scary. I'd rather just know that "way over that way I could generate a new biome with wacky cliffs if I wanted to."

So it goes.

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