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2011-09-08, 17:51

Originally Posted by 709 View Post
I thought about that too. Generate a world with "applenova" and just live with it (zomg trolls!) or keep trying new seeds until spawn is someplace reasonable (ie: not in the middle of a desert/Enderman territory).

With the 1.9 seed I would like to get together with everyone and kind of discuss planning before everyone scatters to the farthest points on the map. Mostly along the lines of sand-mining territory (I think we should have a dedicated area instead of raping wherever), a cohesive skyway structure (and rails that go along with that), township (if possible built around spawn - or not if it's ugly ), personal boundaries (please don't build within x blocks from me if I'm not downtown), and a general refresh of what we all love about this game (working together and having lol-worthy adventures).

We have so many people now we should be judicial with the new world. I think people can guess that I prefer to have a taiga biome for my home base with a bit of land as a buffer. If I can find one with a river ravine... Mine!

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