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2012-06-03, 19:02

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Post pics )
Only because you asked so drunkenly nicely!

Photo montage without all the wordy explanations!

(taken after a long day of wear and having fallen apart a bit)

So, last Saturday (2012 May 26), wifey and I went to "Animazement 15" here in Raleigh as Groose and Zelda. I had started working on a pair of boots and fingerless gloves for my Groose costume, but I spent just a little too much time on perfecting that Goddess's Harp, and I never quite finished them. Oh, and I forgot to paint the "L" patterns on the sleeves of the shirt. Gah! And in the rush to get out the door, I also forgot to put on the necklace that I'd finished the night before! I felt a bit of a dunce afterwards for having only a 75% costume, but 75% was good enough for me.

I didn't get any pictures of us with my own camera, but lots of other people wanted to take their own pictures. I've only found a few crop up on the internets so far, but my eyes are peeled for more.

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