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2013-12-10, 06:56

Originally Posted by drewprops View Post
I'd like to have my first house on the beach, but don't have a spot picked out yet.
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I think Mrs T would like to see the pagoda come over. I'm thinking maybe near the field in the upper plains.
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Jak suggested Brad's pirate ship, down from my old place in Bridgeport.
Originally Posted by 709 View Post
I PM'd Bryson (because he started the thread, after all) about his Arts Centre, and he's on board with this spot:
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Uh... Why not my atoll? It's quite a bit larger inside than out -- I'd like all of the layers to be taken if that's possible... Not sure where to put it, but ideally in a water area away from where the mob trap is being built (to prevent unnecessary running of the trap when no one needs to be collecting items)...
All sound good to me!

I have a few other small items in mind from various people that might make a surprise appearance too.