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2013-12-12, 16:15

Originally Posted by billybobsky View Post
Uh... Why not my atoll? It's quite a bit larger inside than out -- I'd like all of the layers to be taken if that's possible... Not sure where to put it, but ideally in a water area away from where the mob trap is being built (to prevent unnecessary running of the trap when no one needs to be collecting items)...
Given any more thought to where you'd like the atoll? I can grab the whole thing, even if you need to go to bedrock. There's plenty of space in the area of the northern ocean that'll survive to the new world.

Originally Posted by drewprops View Post
I'd like to have my first house on the beach, but don't have a spot picked out yet.
Were you thinking this one in BP with Barfy and the PP logo?

I seem to remember the one in Loch Greene was pretty snazzy too.

Unfortunately, they're both on terrain with some pretty irregular shapes. So, you'll have to do some landscaping/terraforming once one is pasted over. If you decide which you want and where to put it, don't forget to post before tomorrow night!

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