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2014-09-06, 11:26

Should we talk about the move? Let's talk about the move.

I have a rather bold trimming proposal that I'd like input on. I don't know everyone's secret bases or any builds outside of ~ 1000 either direction (sans portal), but since we have new blocks that are in veins underground I figured I'd take a shot at a Maximum Trim™ graphic:

We should regen most of the directional portals, since nobody has built around them yet. N and NE are flower farms, so, keep. W is the mesa mining area, but I think a regen would be good for that area because red sandstone and mesa caves. I don't mind rebuilding that path – I'm sure Ken would say the same. E is iffy because Tricia was plotting something out there and I don't know if she's started yet.

I'm *hoping* we'll get an underwater monument just W of our spawn in the deep oceans if we regen. If not, no biggie. We'll find one. We'll need a farm if we want to craft the new underwater blocks. I hate to destroy, but the closest monument to spawn is toast.

So, looking for some yea and nay and wtf with this. If there's an area that I missed please pipe up.

So it goes.

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