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2014-09-06, 13:29

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We should regen most of the directional portals, since nobody has built around them yet. N and NE are flower farms, so, keep. W is the mesa mining area, but I think a regen would be good for that area because red sandstone and mesa caves. I don't mind rebuilding that path – I'm sure Ken would say the same. E is iffy because Tricia was plotting something out there and I don't know if she's started yet.
Ken will be glad to help reconstruct said pathways for new mining opportunities! Whether we replace the Nether or not, there will be opportunities to expand out there, again. A Nether Hub will be my first priority!

Originally Posted by 709 View Post
If we want to get to places quickly now, maybe think about rails. I kind've love that idea. Nether rail line could be fun, plus a few subways up top.

And we should wipe the Nether. It's so not sexy as is.
Well, there was a lot of work put into the Nether Hub, but I really don't mind doing it again. I had a lot of fun with that project and it taught me to be fearless in the Nether. I can hunt that place now with zero worries. I also have ideas to reduce the amount of material used while simultaneously increasing the width of the paths and the Grey-will-be-proud-sexyness of the Hub, itself.

A Nether rail system would be pretty cool, provided we can all settle upon a design that looks AWESOME without having to worry about stupid pig-dudes! The only trouble with rail is the inability to move diagonally, which reduces the efficiency of the hub while also being less fun/challenging to build.

Also, no /back or /repair makes Ken a very unhappy dude, but if that has to happen in order to charge into the future of Cashout Cove, then so be it.

What I want most is a new challenge that also preserves the work I have already done and the vast collection of useless crap I have accumulated!!!

Also, I'm sure I don't really need to say it, but PLEASE for the love of creepers give us ample time for one last Cashout Cove Cashout! I'll need crap-tons of materials for a new Nether Hub.

Edit: Question: Do pig-dudes spawn on rail, or just beside rail and then wander onto it? That will go a long way in determining a new Hub design.

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