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2015-03-24, 03:16

I'll contribute a little car project I'm working on. It has been a slow project, but I make a little progress when I have some free time. My dad has a 1971 Toyota Celica that sat for 30 years. Back then he had a smog check snafu with the California DMV, blah blah, 'nough said if you ever dealt with CA DMV. Anyways, turns out it didn't matter whatsoever and we could re-register it! If only it ran...

Exhibit A: Open the hood for the first time in 30 years.

Long story short, complete engine rebuild! Yahoo what a learning experience!

Exhibit B: Engine block on stand, pistons coming out and most everything removed. The cam bearings were destroyed so the shop has to take them out when the block is boiled.

- Photo Album - If you are up for that kinda thing.

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