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2015-12-23, 20:11

It's great looking at these projects. They probably inspire lots of the rest of us to get busy on something of our own.

I took a university-level cinematography class once, and our semester assignment was to make three short films: a short drama, an instructional film, and a third that I can't remember at the moment, but was probably an advertisement for an original product.

My instructional film gave directions on how to build a piece of furniture without the use of power tools. It was a very simplistic project (*not* using boards and bricks, thank you very much! ), showing kids as the builders; but I just wanted to get it done. It was fun. I thought of it as I read through Brad's amazing harp project. Wow! The harp and the grille were pretty spectacular. I've never seen such an immaculate engine in my life!

This is, again, an inspiring thread. I could almost taste those cookies. Double yum.

Unfortunately, I have about a million projects that need doing. *sigh*