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2016-10-21, 08:44

Originally Posted by Yontsey View Post
Here is the first look I've seen of the new system.

It looks pretty cool and whatnot, but I want to see some specs.
Ars has a pretty good speculative teardown of likely specs:

What we know (and what we can guess) about Nintendo Switch’s insides
How big is the Nintendo Switch? An Ars visual analysis

Summary of their speculation:
  • CPU may be a custom Nvidia Tegra chip (based on ARM)
  • GPU may be 256 CUDA cores on Nvidia's Pascal architecture
  • a vent and presumably a fan are located on the top edge of the tablet
  • video out when docked should be 1080p (duh)
  • tablet screen may be 720p, reducing power demands for better battery use
  • tablet screen is ~145 x 82 mm (about 166 mm or 6.5" diagonal)
  • backwards compatibility with existing Wii U games is extremely unlikely; games will need to be rebuilt/recompiled for Switch
  • those slide-off Joy-Con controllers are tiny at ~106.4mm x 34.3 (4.19 x 1.35")

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