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careful with axes
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2016-11-21, 18:46

Wireless is a fractured landscape of SU-MIMO chipsets, MU-MIMO chipsets, routers with 2x radios, 3x radios. With consumers figuring out mesh. I can see why Apple is getting out of it right now. They'll probably start stocking Eero or Luma kits right away.

Also didn't Broadcom sell off its WiFi/IoT business?

But Apple can afford to make niche products like wireless routers and displays. I think the general rule should be that Apple makes everything required to give their computing devices basic functionality in the home (or their store.) But then again, Apple doesn't make a "TV" for its AppleTV, so yeah throw that notion out the window.

e: It's odd, but Apple really does seem to be slowly evolving into another IBM.