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2016-11-21, 22:56

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Lol a cohesive ecosystem of ... cables.

The formula has clearly changed in the past 2 decades. Yes, it's been almost two decades. Cellular networks are advancing at a faster pace than 802.11 is. The personal computer has been distilled down to a handheld device for the most part. Of course Apple is going to move away from building the boring infrastructure devices. Ever visit the networking aisle at Fry's? Routers are a commodity item like SD cards at this point. Apple doesn't make those either.

And what about the ToucBar-less MacBook Pro? It's pretty obvious to me that is the half-step toward replacing the MacBook Air line. The MacBook 12" replaces the 11" Air. The MacBook Pro 13" replaces the 13" Air. There will probably be a larger screen MacBook as well just to meet pricepoints, but Apple is going from three lines to two very soon.

In addition, keeping old models around has been Apple's play even when Jobs was here. It started happening with the iPads and late with the "S" revision iPhones.

We can argue until we are blue in the face, but Jobs never made the product I wanted in all the years he was at the helm either. Where was the headless iMac with 2 PCIe slots (for one dual-height video card) a single CPU, 4 DIMM slots, etc? Apple's run by smarter people than that of an Apple fanboy community stuck in a 15-years-ago mindset.

What do we all have to gain from Apple refining an AirPort Utility around a Marvell SoC and radio transceiver? This is like debating whether one reference Intel PUMA6 based cable modem is better than another brand's functionally identical PUMA6 modem.
You laugh at cables, but you oddly fail to realize or admit that every single product category that Apple is in is a commoditized market. It always has been, and always will be. You have consistently shown over the last 6 months to be incredible arrogant about your view of the tech world but you are so painfully oblivious to reality. You seriously defend things by citing game of thrones and the walking dead and other pop culture fads as if they really do dictate markets. The reality is that game of thrones is watched by 23 million people worldwide and that is THE most generous (and frankly unsubstantiated) number that includes streams, dvrs, etc. that is an absolute joke of a number in the world scheme of technology and yet you use a show like that to justify apples decisions and confidence in their direction. You are clearly in the same Silicon Valley/ San Francisco Bay Area bubble that Apple has been operating in since 2008.