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2018-08-13, 18:13

Originally Posted by Brad View Post
We should also plan to trim the world to a reasonable size again before the update, of course.
If we trim and keep the same seed (which I hope we do*) I'd like to wipe a couple extra chunks from the previous trim since I'm 75% sure that they'd be mostly ocean, and even if not I can take down small islands. The ones NE and SE of the museum (+):

*Hoping we keep the same seed for a few reasons. A) We're in the middle of some massive oceans, so we don't have to go too far to find what we need. B) All of our current handheld maps and our item frame map walls shouldn't explode. I don't know for sure about that but I'm crossing my fingers. C) We'll know where most everything is with T's web map, so that'll cut down on explore paths and world bloat (I promise ). There's so many file-structure/name things changing in 1.13 that we may not even get a updating world map with the mapping tool that T uses. It would be nice to have an old reference on hand even if it's fixed in time.


So it goes.