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2018-08-14, 17:46


Well, if the trap doesn't work, yeah, maybe Brad can make it work, which means the south chunk thing still applies. Or, we could just forget it and the new guys (if ever we get any) will have to source their black die the old fashioned way (by clobbering squid north of Drew's joint like we used to ). If we decide to forego it, I will go out there and remove all the trap materials and repurpose them elsewhere.

Also, I suggest that we replace all of the ocean chunks to the south, including Jessy's vacation house. She has no time for MC right now, anyway, and told me "Well, I think I've done everything you can do in this game." My little MC helper is all growed up. Sad days! Anyway, I would rather have new oceans that spawn the new stuff. She can (and will) build a new thing if she ever gets the time.

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