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2019-06-03, 18:35

We've been talking about it, today, and have already decided not to put one on the floor. At $5999 + $5999 = $11998. Way too much financial investment to display a system that might sell 2 in a given product cycle. Considering the extremely short margins on Apple gear, this thing is a loser for small businesses like ourselves. It isn't going to sell other than to the 2 clients I have who will unleash 10 grand on the latest Mac Pro—not including display.

What we found with the trashcan model is that there were plenty of customers who wanted to slobber on it, but almost none that wanted to pay for it. That led us to remove the floor model, which meant that the 2 people in a given year who would buy one couldn't look at it, first. However, the people who were actually willing to pay didn't care as much about the look as they did about the performance, and they knew what it could do. I am certain this new thing will fall into that category. The folks who know what it is will buy sight unseen, as they always have. The droolers will go to the Apple Store.

The display is another matter. Even pros who know what they are after will want to sit down in front of one. Again, the price is so high and the margins so thin that I am guessing we will not sell more than 2 across the 3-year retail life of the display. In other words, since I will not walk into an Apple Store, I doubt if I'll ever see one in person.

Oh, well. They look good on the web, so there's that.

I think this might be the most niche product Apple has ever made. The PowerMac/MacPro have always represented the top-of-the line in computers, and inflation makes older models much more expensive, but a $6000 starting price puts this thing in the hands of only the elite. Fortunately, the 2019 27" iMac with 8-core i9 and Pro Vega GPU is powerful enough for 99% of pro needs, and comes in at half the cost—with a 5k Retina display included. Oh, and it comes with the stand, too! The iMac Pro is already behind, so the 2019 Mac Pro gets 1 out of every 100 Pro's looking for a solid workstation.

If Apple really wants these things to get some attention, they need to floor them for us. We're not going to put $12,000 into a demo that will never pay for itself.

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