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2019-06-04, 14:32

Originally Posted by Frank777 View Post
I think the new Pro is simply a Ferrari-like swag item that Apple will bestow on people that they want for AppleTV+.

But it is a cool system. I'd love to see a cheaper one with an i9 processor, but I know it won't happen.

The display would seem to be overkill for any MacBook Pro user outside the movie industry.
And I doubt a Mac Mini could even drive that 6k display. RIght?
4 things:

1) I disagree with your first statement. Although that could happen, there are editing studios that pay $30,000+ for editing rigs. The new Mac Pro is intended for them. And, yes, I bet Apple is looking directly at Apple TV+ as the primary proving ground.

2) We all would. And there is a market, just not one that Apple wants to compete in. Why? No clue, but from a sales standpoint, I really wish they would. We could sell hundreds of $2000 8-core i9-powered towers.

3) The ProDisplay XDR is a very inexpensive Reference Monitor, not a "display" as we think of them. I did a quick Google, and the cheapest competitor I could find was a 4k thing at $5000. For the most part, they range from $15,000 to $40,000! So, this display with the optional stand at $6000 is one helluva great value!

4) Wrong! Apple specifically stated that the ProDisplay XDR will work with any TB3-equipped Mac.

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