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2019-08-13, 15:50

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I love how Apple fanboys call this innovation, as if Apple did something great. It was a cash grab made in collusion with headphone manufacturers who wanted to find a way to increase margins, it sure wasn’t done to improve anything for consumers.
Care to provide some actually evidence for your conspiracy theory? We sell less headphones now, not more. Broken cables sold way more headphones than jack-less iPhones could ever compete with. Also, we have a service department, and water ingress through the headphone jack is one of the most common destroyers of phones. These aren't "fanboy" issues; they are real world use cases. Funny, I don't hear anybody whining that Samsung is beginning to phase out headphone jacks. Wonder why that is?

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Did Apple make some half decent wireless headphones? Yes.
Half decent headphones? Airpods are loved, adored, and dreamed over by happy customers all over the world. They're much better than half-decent. They sound good, and they're incredibly easy to use.

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They could have done so without removing the plug and forcing users to buy toss away items that will be in a landfill in two years because the batteries are dead.
One day, everything will be wireless. I prefer my phone in my pocket without a stupid wire running up to my ear.

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toss away items
You mean, kinda like the phone? or the computer? or the printer? or the Walkman? or any other consumer electronics device made since the beginning of time?

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