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2019-08-14, 02:05

Originally Posted by PB PM View Post
I've yet to use Bluetooth headphones that could match wired headphones for audio quality, dollar for dollar. Sorry, it's just the facts. I don't care how many Apple fanboys walk into your third party Apple resale location and tell you how much they love them, that's not a good sample of the general population


Robo: Oh we should give Apple a prize and worship them because they bestowed upon some the mighty adapter!
Honestly, I thought comments like these were beneath you.

Nobody is saying that Apple should be given a prize, or worshipped. Just that there was a reason why they made the design choices they did, besides being in cahoots with headphone manufacturers as part of some industry-wide conspiracy.

And by all metrics, AirPods are extremely popular. They're probably the most relevant new Apple product in a long while, in fact. I don't have them because I don't like earbuds, but I see them all the time. It's not just "fanboys" or whatever (what is this, 2003?).

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