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2019-08-14, 15:11

Originally Posted by kscherer View Post
I'm thinking you need to pick up a dictionary.
I know what robbery is thanks. If the AirPods audio quality is no better than the lightning headphones I would consider the price tag theft. A Bluetooth adaptor doesn’t cost $100, nor the case and a doubt the batteries do either. If the AirPods have the same audio quality the the wired lightning set they are worth $100 at best, and even that would be generous.

So you bought a phone that has features you absolute hate? And you still bought it? Amongst all those other phones that have SoMuchManyMoreBetter? Whose the fanboy in this argument?
I didn’t say I hate it, I said I don’t think it is innovative. Seriously, guys take a chill pill, you think I’d bought bought out Apple and told you I was going to scrap the entire lineup, and switch to making screws with an Apple shaped head.

As for your comment that our shop is stuffed with fanboy customers …

Dude, you have no idea.

The vast majority of people who walk into our shop are switchers! And there are hundreds of millions of iPhone users out there. You might try Googling "Airpods satisfaction rating" so that you can learn that 98% of Airpods owners are happy with their purchase. If 98% of millions of people does not work for you, then I suggest you have entered into snob territory.

Either that or you're just trolling.
Guess we have to take your word for it, since you know it all.. after all you have a one store sample to base your all encompassing views on.

Do I make some sarcastic comments? Sure, but are they all sarcasm, hardly. Do I like to play devils advocate at time and see what makes people think about this stuff beyond the surface level fluff? Yes. Hardly trolling.