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2012-11-30, 21:46

I have to say that I did look through the logs and we have all been absent a fair bit. Lenny is being very underutilized to say the least. I figured people are busy with the Thanksgiving/Christmas season on us and all the other things that do happen during that time.

Personally, I'm just not really a fan of Tekkit. I actually liked the Bukkit version better for a number of reasons. Things like the overhead maps and such. It's also a lower resource use for the client.

However, I'm open for it no matter what direction we go. If it were me and my house, not the AN server, I would start over with bukkit and basic current MC.

Since I also haven't been playing much due to all that has been going on in my life and with my family lately I'm not pushing my vote one way or the other. If I played more often I would feel like I had a voice, but I don't really right now.

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