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2019-06-11, 11:17

Originally Posted by kscherer View Post
All those points are valid, which is why we are also trying to come up with a way to reinsert the forum on the map.

- There are other things to talk about.
- We have smart members who can talk about those things.
- Can we get those things front and center on a redesigned homepage?
- Can we draw new users and conversation through that content?
- Can we stem the flood of bots with some simple posting revisions for new users?
But why though? If the important thing was the community of members, why did everyone disappear? The site isn't a money making venture, so why not just let it slip away if that's what is going to happen? Perhaps make a whatsapp group if there are people you want to stay in touch with, or even a subreddit if you wish to remain anonymous?