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2019-06-11, 13:34


Just as a counterpoint to the "Apple isn't exciting any more": I couldn't bear to watch the Services presentation back in… March, was it?

But I did watch the entirety of the WWDC keynote. No, I didn't like all of it. Yes, there is plenty of criticize. No, Apple isn't the underdog any more (it's unclear if they ever truly were; they've been a massive corporation for decades, really).

But. I still found it inspiring! I've managed software projects, and it's actually really hard. Yes, Apple has a ton of budget, but things don't scale like that in the real world. With most products/projects/apps, they seem to be doing a great job assembling a team that's passionate about shipping stuff they're proud of.

And maybe (it's a stretch, but maybe?) that's a hint towards the angle this site could have: real artists ship.