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2019-06-26, 18:09

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OK, that's 927 words vs. my 1597. I think that's right. My piece was just too long-winded. We should probably shoot for something more like 1,000, maybe even just 800.
I think our articles can vary in length from 500 to 1500 words. Other things may go in a different direction.

Originally Posted by chucker View Post
Now the question is if such a bi-weekly schedule is tenable? Can we / do we want to have one such story every other week?
If we could get 4 people to contribute once per month we would be in a good spot to start.

Originally Posted by chucker View Post
Do we only want opinion/analysis* pieces? I'm leaning towards yes, since news sources are aplenty. But also, so are tech pundits, so…
Opinion/analysis? Yes. And maybe short stories?

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