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2019-07-01, 14:25

A former boss of mine continues to be quite the workaholic in his early 50s, running three companies in rather distinct fields. One day, I assume, he too will be tired.

In fact, six years ago, I think he had such a phase. Sales prospects didn’t excite him; projects were always the same. He didn’t deliver. He clashed with the other bosses.

He got fired.

(We still hang out a few times a year, and in recent years, I feel like he’s regained his mojo!)

And maybe that’s what bugs me here. Rather than recognize that it was time to move on, he spent years on projects like Apple Park and the Apple Watch Edition (gold! OK, no takers? How about ceramic!), and AirPower (according to the WSJ).

That, too, may be an unfair simplistic take, but he’s kind of provoking it in me by saying he was “tired”.

I’m not saying Jony didn’t work hard. I am saying (and he seems to be as well) that in recent years, he maybe didn’t. Or worked on relatively frivolous things out of self-interest. And maybe that compensated for a twenty-year streak of overperforming, sure.

So anyway, this departure seems like a win for both sides.