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2015-01-07, 19:08

Wow that drone is AWESOME!!

One of my circle of friends here in Atlanta did a Kickstarter for a drink caddy.

It was essentially a cylinder with 3 threaded ports equidistant around its base. You had to screw an empty plastic soda bottle into each port, thereby creating a stable base that would float in the water.

The concept was something you could use in the pool, the lake, or when tubing down the Hooch.

It did not reach its goal.

The guys behind it have their understanding as to why it failed.

My belief is that they didn't do enough due diligence to determine if there was a market for such a gizmo (one girl we know said "I wouldn't want something that looks like trash floating in MY pool").

It was fun to watch their campaign, and its demise was not unexpected, but it was still too bad for them.


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